Physical Properties of Copper

• Malleable and Ductile
• Excellent Electrical Conductor
• Excellent Alloying Characteristics
• Non-Magnetic
• Essential Nutrient to Life
• Resistant to Corrosion
• Machinable
• Formable
• Excellent Heat Transfer Characteristics
• Durable
• Recyclable

Specific Properties of Copper:

• Chemical Symbol: Cu
• Atomic Number: 29
• Atomic Weight: 63.54
• Density: 8960 kg m(-3)
• Melting Point: 1356K
• Specific Heat at 293K: 0.383kJkg(-1)K(-1)
• Thermal Conductivity: 394W m(-1) K(-1)
• Electrical Conductivity (%International Annealed Copper Standard): 100%
• Electrical Resistivity: 1.673x10(-8) ohm-m
• Crystal Structure: Face Centered Cubic

Forms of Copper:

Copper is shipped to fabricators mainly as cathode, wire rod, billet, cake (slab), or ingot. Through extrusion, drawing, rolling, forging, melting, electrolysis, or atomization, fabricators can form wire, rod, tube, sheet, plate, strip, castings, powder, and other shapes. These copper and copper-alloys are then shipped to manufacturing plants that make products to meet society's needs.

* Source - International Copper Association